Here's a little bit about Nichole Jade Rockabilly Boutique.  Our business is family-owned and loved. We have Mark and Deb (Mum and Dad), Nichole and Des, and our 3 little princesses. (These are who our logos are designed to be.)

We started out buying a wholesale business and this is where we found our awesome Ellie Shoes. This lead to the setup of Nichole Jade Boutique back in 2017. We love going out to car shows and dancing events and in 2018 we came across the lovely Gail who was selling Rockabilly Retro. We thought that adding some clothes to match our wonderful shoes would be a great investment and we have not looked back.


'Nichole Jade Boutique' and 'Rockabilly Retro' were kept as separate businesses until we merged them into one in 2021 and created Nichole Jade Rockabilly Boutique.

Nichole Jade Rockabilly Boutique has a shop in Algester (thanks to Mum and Dad for letting us use your garage!) which is open by appointment and is always traveling around to car shows, dances, and other events. Pre COVID times we would not hesitate to hook up the trailer and head off down to Central New South Wales or up North as far as Maryborough.

We acquire our clothing from England, our shoes from America and have designed our very own men's shirts that we have made in Fiji. Our clothing items are checked for any imperfections and the items are wrapped in a very nice tissue paper inside an apparel box prior to shipping.We decided to launch our online store and focus mainly on product quality and excellent customer service.We strive for nothing but the best quality and customer service as "A happy customer is the best business strategy of all!"

Thanks for all of your support.

Mark, Deb, Nichole, Des and the 3 little princesses